Capital Classroom Training

Capital® Logic Interactive Classroom Training

In this hands-on class you will learn how to create your system wiring including the project, design and diagram structure using elements from Capital Symbol and Capital Library. Included in the course are labs to educate you on the understanding of the Capital Project features, creating revisions, advanced naming of parts, utilizing shared objects across diagrams, seeing op ons and proper es on parts, running design comparisons and reports and preparing the elements for synchronization on to Capital.

Duration: 2 Days Cost: $1400

Capital® HarnessXC Classroom Training

In this class you will learn how to create the components, symbols and 2D drawings that represent your physical harness via synchronization on with Capital Logic, creating from scratch or entering from-to data via a spreadsheet. Through the hands-on labs you will learn the processes for creating composite harnesses, reports, correcting design problems, use the intelligent processing to identify the correct cavity components and produce manufacturing reports.

Duration: 3 Days Cost: $2100

Capital® Topology Interactive Classroom Training

The Capital topology course has been created to introduce users to the basic and more complex functionality within the Capital Topology product. This tool provides users with the ability to create a topological view of a vehicle and associate wiring diagrams to this view. Wire routing scenarios can be run and rules can be implemented to ensure wires take a specific route.

Duration: 1 Day Cost: $700 (requires completion on of Capital Logic training)

Capital® FormboardXC Classroom Training

In this class you will learn how to create a full-scale Formboard drawing used for production. In the hands-on labs you will learn to manipulate the drawings to rotate harness sec ons, insert bends and fixtures, as well as the use of formboard specific symbols using Capital Style Manager.

Duration: 1 Day Cost: $700