VeSys & Capital Quickstart Service

Component Library

Based on your requirements, we will provide a QuickStart custom library of component parts (i.e. wires, connectors, terminals, boots, insulation, clips, etc.) that can be used in designs created in Capital® and VeSys®2.0 design tools. The library will contain the wire and multicore cable that you specify. Connectors are configured to include typically used mandatory and optional “Housing” parts such as terminals, cavity plugs, boots, seals, and mounting hardware. Cavity names, cavity attributes and mating information is also provided. The following library design features and default specifications are used.

A QuickStart library of 100 existing connectors (together with some bonus content) is usually a good start for a new customer and includes the time to select, package, test, transmit to you.   You can easily “grow” the library yourself from there with proper training.

This Bundle of 100 connectors is $3,700.

Symbols Library

Our Symbol Libraries for your selected connectors and terminals are created from the manufacturer’s drawings to insure accuracy. A library of industry standard electrical and drafting symbols is also provided. Sample Border Symbol templates with property value placeholders are provided to automate the addition of project, design, and diagram specific information.