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Brought to you by the team at Oasis Sales – these Webinars will provide  “best practices” and “how to” for a variety of technology solutions.

On Demand – HyperLynx Webinars

EMI Control – Taming the Beast

Terry Fox joins us along with Mentor Graphics to discuss common causes for EMI. See how to locate these issues on you board and how to fix them with HyperLynx.

HyperLynx Webinars

HyperLynx PI

PI (Power Integrity) for AC Analysis

HyperLynx Webinars

HyperLynx DDR

Did you know…the DDR wizard can drastically reduce design time?

HyperLynx Webinars

HyperLynx DC Drop

Did you know…unexpected or unpredictable circuit behavior can be avoided?

HyperLynx Webinars

Signal Integrity

Did you know…you may have signal integrity issues and not really know it?

HyperLynx Webinars

On Demand – PADS Webinars

Proper Library Management

Review the proper process for creating parts, symbols, and footprints and sharing libraries with collegues.

PADS Webinars

mCAD Collaboration

Did you know…mCAD collaboration can make you more productive

PADS Webinars

Simulation & The Digital Twin

Did you know…advanced features are just a click away?

PADS Webinars

Library Management

Did you know…library management does not have to be really difficult?

PADS Webinars

3D Collision Detection

Did you know…how easy it is to do collision detection of 3D Models?

PADS Webinars

High Speed Design Control

Did you know… you can have ultimate control over complicated high speed designs?

PADS Webinars


Did you know…you can take the guess work out of thermal compliance?

PADS Webinars

Constraint Editor System

Did you know…complex design rules can be really easy?

PADS Webinars


Did you know…with the new PADS release we’ve given you what you asked for?

PADS Webinars

xDx Designer

Did you know…there’s a secret behind really fast and simple schematic design?

PADS Webinars

PADS Professional

Overview of  the features of PADS Professional Layout

PADS Webinars

Technical Support

Did you know…really great support for your CAD tools will be your super hero?

General Webinars

On Demand – Xpedition Webinars

 FPGA I/O Optimizer

Xpedition simplifies the FPGA design process by effectively managing I/O assignment.
Xpedition Webinars

Constraint Manager

Workflow & Best Practices
Xpedition Webinars


Did you know… Rigid-Flex PCB design challenges can be easily solved?

Xpedition Webinars

HyperLynx for Xpedition

Did you know… you can efficiently screen for SI, PI, and EMI Issues?

Xpedition Webinars

Routing Automation

Did you know…routing automation is your productivity breakthrough?

Xpedition Webinars
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