HyperLynx PI

Identify potential power integrity distribution issues that can interfere with board design logic, and investigate and validate solutions in an easy-to-use, “what-if” environment with HyperLynx® PI.

This intuitive tool gives any member of your design team the ability to quickly and accurately analyze power integrity, without the usual steep learning curve of most power analysis products.

Design team access to these sophisticated power integrity capabilities will help companies reduce prototype spins, shorten time to market, and allow engineers to develop more reliable products.

Analyze voltage drop

Identify areas of excessive current density in your layout.

Simulate IC switching noise

HyperLynx PI lets you simulate the effects of IC switching noise as it propagates throughout planes and vias.

PDN impedance profile validation

HyperLynx PI facilitates PDN impedance validation across the full operating frequency range.

Technical Specifications
  • Industry-renowned ease of use, enabling shorter time to results
  • Accurate modeling of plane structures as power delivery and noise propagation mechanisms
  • Analyze voltage drop and current density
    • Identify potential DC power delivery issues such as excessive voltage drop, high current densities, excessive via currents, and associated temperature rise
    • View simulation results in graphical and report format, making problems in DC power delivery quick and easy to identify
  • Predict temperature rise with PI/thermal co-simulation
  • Analyze and optimize your power distribution network
    • Analyze power distribution impedance at multiple locations on PCB
    • Optimize capacitors use, placement, and mounting in your PDN through analysis
    • Virtually investigate the benefits of new technologies on your PDN, and how impedance will affect the propagation of noise on the planes
  • Explore different stack-ups, capacitor selections, placements, mounting schemes
  • Simulate propagation of noise throughout the planes from IC supply pins and signal vias
  • Extract models of the power distribution network
  • Create accurate via models which include effects of all bypassing and plane resonances
  • Extract PDN models as S-parameters, Z-parameters, or Y-parameters
HyperLynx PI Product Demo

By placing the ability to analyze power plane quality in the hands of the layout designer, Xpedition Analysis Control provides an incredible gain in efficiency for PCB design. Power integrity simulations can be run directly in the layout, with results appearing as hazards that can be fixed by the layout designer. This eliminates the bottleneck of waiting for simulation results to be completed by specialists and allows the design process to keep moving quickly.

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