The VX 2.6 release focuses on core PADS technology suggestions from our users.  Also libraries, to layout and MCAD collaboration.

There’s even an Eagle Layout translator to give more people easy access to professional PCB design tools.

Note: The following is a condensed summary of the PADS release highlights.  Mentor customers should refer to the Release Highlights on Support Center for detailed information regarding all new features and enhancements.

PADS Standard & PADS Standard Plus

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3D Board Outline from STEP

PADS makes it easy to import your board’s mechanical data from any major MCAD tool. Create a board outline by simply selecting a surface of an imported STEP model and using its outline. Define holes as contours or mounting holes and choose which mounting hole to use when bringing in the board. Holes can also be discarded.

Align & Mate 3D Models

Align and mate components and mechanical models in 3D. Mating can be done by aligning edges, faces, or the axis of holes. By mating mechanical models to part models, it’s quick and easy to move both parts together.

Eagle Layout Translation

Our new Eagle translator makes it easy for Eagle customers to step up to the power of PADS! Libraries can be imported using the PADS Layout Translator, while layout files can be imported using either the translator or by simply using the File -> Import command.

Enhanced Copper Plane Areas

In the VX.2.4 release, Copper Pours and Split Planes are merged into one entity, the Copper Plane, which can be created, edited, and viewed from within PADS Router. Enhanced drafting operations, such as merging and subtracting shapes, make definition and modification a breeze!

Library Support of Hetero 4

The Central Library’s Part Editor now supports Hetero 4 parts. Hetero 4 parts have two or more symbols for the same part and are used to bundle multiple symbols into a single package.

New Part Editor Interface

Using integrated projects? The new part editor helps you quickly create and edit new library components without duplication of effort. The editor supports Hetero 4 parts and automatically reads in PADS Designer pin numbers and names.

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