PADS Professional VX.2.7

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PADS Professional is built on Xpedition® technology, enterprise-grade tools that scale to any size or complexity of design.

Benefits of PADS Professional include:

  • Rigid-flex centric design features – Simplify the fastest growing PCB interconnection technology
  • Multi-trace High-Speed routing – Define, tune, and review complex nets 5X faster!
  • Simulation and Analysis – Powered by industry-renowned HyperLynx technologies
  • ECAD-MCAD Collaboration – Accelerate time-to-market and quality with efficient electro-mechanical co-design


 What’s New in PADS Professional VX.2.7

Visualization Enhancements

Routing Enhancements

Enhancements to Designer

Placing Test Points

Place Multiple Parts

Drag and Drop from PartQuest


The VX.2.7 release focuses on enhancements to the core technology, many of which have been suggested by our customers through Mentor Ideas,

Note: The following is a condensed summary of the PADS release highlights.  Mentor customers should refer to the Release Highlights on Support Center for detailed information regarding all new features and enhancements.

PADS Professional Feature Overview

Professional PCB Design Tools

Color by net/comments on nets

With PADS Professional VX.2.6, users can now define nets by color and add comments that can be viewed across the entire PCB flow. Users can enable color by net within Constraint Manager, which can then be used in PADS Designer or PADS Layout.

Drill chart updates

PADS Professional VX.2.6 provides a net option to append the drill size to the drill character when generating a drill chart. Users are able to override the library Drill Symbol definition by toggling on “Use character as drill symbol” to enhance the NC Drill Process. 

Plated edge support

PADS Professional VX.2.6 now enables plane shapes to extend over the route border without being automatically trimmed. Users can now quickly enable the dynamic planes to extend by selecting “Ignore Route Border” in the Plane Properties dialog box.  

New Engineering Suite – just $3K USD!

Outsourcing layout to a colleague or service bureau? Try the PADS Professional DS Suite! Geared for the engineer who only needs to capture design intent in schematic form, you’ll work in a feature-rich schematic creation environment, create your own library content, and perform detailed analog simulation. You can even define assembly variants and extract BOMs based on each variant.

Enhanced Library Services

New library services makes library management easier by allowing bulk operations such as importing and exporting data from other central libraries or files. Also supported is the copying and moving of part data between partitions and bulk deletions of library data. Please refer to the VX.2.4 Release Notes for further information.

Stand-alone Use of Library Manager

Now it’s easier to work as part of a group! By enabling stand-alone use of Library Manager, without the need to invoke a PADS Designer or PADS Professional Layout license, engineers can work on the schematic and library simultaneously without locking the libraries.

Library Verification

House cleaning is never a fun task, especially when it has to be done by hand. New functionality allows you to run bulk verification checks on your library to find problems such as: unreferenced parts, symbols, cells, and pad-stacks; and symbols that are missing time stamps or not using default colors. Choose to fix or delete problems at each stage of the verification.

Constraint Manager Templates

Save time and improve accuracy! If you have groups of nets with the same rules, you can save net topologies and constraint rules to a template for reuse. Assign any constraint to a net, save it as a template, and assign it to similar nets. When template values are updated, all nets assigned to that template are automatically updated.

Test Points in Constraint Manager

Centralizing rules in CES has always helped you get your job done faster. Now, with the VX.2.4 release, you can even define test-point probe requirements in CES. Once probe locations have been added it’s easy to verify that all nets meet the required number of test-point constraint you specified.

OrCAD Netlist Group Properties

New capabilities in the PADS Professional OrCAD® netlist interface support the creation and forward / back annotation of logical groups. Assign components to groups, then import your netlist or update for a wealth of placement automation functions, including a view of the grouped parts in Component Explorer. This video provides step-by-step instructions.

IPC-D-356 export

The IPC-D-356 export interface has been added to the General Interface dialog to simplify usage.

Via Stitching Schemes

Reduce errors and save time by defining a stitching-via setup and saving it as a scheme. Assign schemes to planes, conductive shapes, or drawing object shapes to quickly test them for a given plane area. You’ll quickly converge on a quality solution.

MCAD: Split Shapes of Drawn Objects

Now it’s easier to work with drawn objects imported from other CAD tools. Previously, combination outlines imported from an MCAD tool came in as a single polygon, requiring some shapes to be redrawn in PADS Professional. With VX.2.4, you can draw a simple line and the original shape will be split automatically into two new polygons.

MCAD: Siemens NX Integration

Is Siemens NX part of your design flow? If so, you can import NX parasolid models directly into PADS Professional for use in 3D. To export 3D models for the NX system to use, simply click the button in the MCAD Collaborator.

MCAD: Enhanced Collaboration Support

MCAD collaboration now supports more design objects. During a baseline export, users can send items such as copper on internal layers, planes, silkscreen, soldermask, and flex design coverlays and stiffeners. MCAD proposals now include flex areas, bends, and component keep-ins.

MCAD: Streamlined Collaboration Interface

Use the streamlined MCAD collaboration interface to filter objects and create and save schemes. Improved icons help you quickly understand the changes that have been proposed.

3D Layout: Enhanced STEP Export

Choose the data you send to your MCAD system! New additions include silkscreen, soldermask, metal layers, cover layers, and more. By writing out multiple STEP files and choosing how much data to load into the MCAD system, you can determine the level of MCAD performance you achieve.

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