Design Verification Tools

Discover the latest advancements in verification technology designed to enable creation of robust, reusable, interoperable components.

The Questa® Verification Solution

Transforms verification, dramatically increasing verification productivity and managing resources more efficiently built on several powerful technologies and tightly integrated with Veloce® emulation Questa answers the challenges of increasingly complex SoCs..


ModelSim eases the process of finding design defects with an intelligently engineered debug environment.  The ModelSim debug environment efficiently displays design data for analysis and debug of all languages. ModelSim allows many debug and analysis capabilities to be employed post-simulation on saved results, as well as during live simulation runs.

FPGA Design Reuse

Effective design reuse is a critical objective for every electronic design company as 75% of future productivity gains will come through reuse. Executives, managers, and engineers all have a big stake in reuse, but nearly everyone underestimates the challenges associated with it.

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